Mercy Medical Center Sioux City

Wound Clinic

A wound is a break in the skin that is caused by disease, injury, poor blood supply to the wound area, a surgical incision, poor nutrition or other causes. The body heals wounds through a natural process. At times, however, some wounds — big and small — don’t heal the way they should.

Mercy’s certified advanced practice registered nurse (ARNP) specializes in wound care.  This includes treating acute and chronic hard-to-heal wounds and patients with lymphedema (a chronic condition in which excess fluid [lymph] collects in tissues and causes swelling).

When should a referral be made to the wound clinic?
A.  Anytime there is a non-healing wound; the sooner the better.  Clients are treated with an evidence-based practice using wound healing principles, latest technology in wound management and a holistic approach.

Many things can prevent a wound from healing, such as diseases (e.g., diabetes, poor blood flow or other vascular problems) medications, infections and/or poor nutrition. A wound that doesn’t heal places a person at risk for infection and more serious complications. The wound can cause discomfort, pain, disfigurement, and can also place limits on a person’s activities and quality of life.