Mercy Medical Center Sioux City

Senior Health Insurance Information Program (SHIIP)

Senior Health Insurance Issues Impact Everyone

Medicare rights and benefits, Medicare supplemental insurance, claims, and long term care insurance are confusing issues. With more than 35% of Iowa's population over 45 years of age, information on these issues is vitally important. Often people in their forties and fifties must help parents or older friends handle insurance issues. By age 65, Iowans need to know about Medicare, Medicare supplements and long term care insurance.

SHIIP - the Senior Health Insurance Information Program of the State of Iowa's Insurance Division - has helped thousands of Iowans sort through confusing health insurance information and save money.

Trained SHIIP volunteers can provide help and information on these critical issues. SHIIP is an objective source of information and education. Our SHIIP volunteers are an experienced, trained group who understand that health insurance is confusing. They've been there and can talk your language. SHIIP volunteers complete an intensive training program and will give you the best information available. And, they are always up-to-date on any changes.

SHIIP volunteers will give information to help you understand your Medicare rights and benefits, assess your needs so you can make informed decisions about health insurance, compare and evaluate Medicare supplement and long term care insurance policies, organize your medical bills, Medicare statements and file claims, and find assistance from other agencies, including Medicaid, when or if it is appropriate.

SHIIP counseling is available through Mercy Medical Center-New Hampton. Call 641-394-1626 for a free, confidential appointment.