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Before You Arrive

The following information will help ensure you are as well prepared as possible for your stay with us.

What to confirm before admission to hospital

  • Your insurance coverage and any applicable co-pays or deductibles
  • The procedure and informed consent
  • If there is any special preparation you need to complete or further tests and investigations required
  • When to stop eating and drinking before admission and surgery
  • Whether your regular medications and natural remedies should be taken as normal. Anticoagulants (blood thinning medication), for example, are often stopped prior to surgery
  • What kind of illness may mean your surgery will be postponed and who should be contacted if this happens
  • When to arrive for admission and where to report

What you need to bring

All patients need to bring

  • All current medicine, drugs, tablets, inhalers, injections, herbal remedies, vitamins and other supplements (please bring them in their original containers).
  • Insurance prior approval documentation.
  • Any co-pays or deductibles required by your insurance

Overnight stay or longer

  • Comfortable sleepwear, dressing gown, slippers or footwear and personal toiletries
  • Any personal aids such as glasses, hearing aids and dentures
  • Reading material or other leisure activities


  • Comfortable loose clothing (sleepwear is not required)

It is advisable that you do not bring

  • Valuables including jewelry and cash as Mercy Medical Center is unable to take responsibility for the safe keeping of valuables if brought to hospital.
  • Your vehicle, as you may be unable to drive depending on your procedure, surgery and anesthetic. We recommend organizing transport to and from hospital in advance

What to organize at home before admission

  • If you live alone you may want to arrange for family or a friend to stay with you for a few days after your discharge
  • If you expect to have your mobility reduced following surgery you might consider relocating your bed to ensure it is easily accessible (particularly if upstairs) and prepare meals for freezing

Immediately before admission

  • Follow the instructions of your surgeon regarding eating (this includes gum and sweets), drinking and taking medication
  • Please shower and wash your hair before admission, and remove any nail polish, make-up and jewelry
  • If circumstances occur that may delay your arrival at the hospital, we ask that you notify the hospital as soon as possible


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